Getting into shape is one thing, keeping it is a whole different thing. It requires a set of discipline,  love, motivation and few other tricks that our guest Merdan will share from his experience.

Amazing HealthyFood (AHF): Tell us something about you and your background.

Merdan: My name is Merdan and I am 23 years old. I can say that the bigger part of my life I have been active in sports. I was playing football professionally for almost 6 years, after which I quit and I turned to fitness with which I have been occupied actively and professionally for 4 years.

AHF: When did you start with changes in your lifestyle and what was the reason?

Merdan: Well, I can say that the changes in my lifestyle started almost 4 years ago since I started getting into fitness. Doing fitness gave me a stronger character, healthy lifestyle, discipline and maybe most important of all, a healthy organism


AHF: What is your workout style and which are the results you would like to achieve?

Merdan: Everybody has his own style and form which he/she would like to achieve. Most of the people I have met professionally want to have a fit form. But wishing is a lot easier than actually doing. To really achieve your full potential, a lot of effort, great discipline, will, training routine and proper workout is needed.

What is the best part of being fit and living a healthy lifestyle? What are the advantages?

Merdan: The advantages are pretty straight forward actually. I feel healthy, more active and energized during all day long. Having that into consideration, it goes without saying that the physical appearance of someone who is fit and invests in his own body is much more attractive than someone who does not.

What kind of food we would find in your refrigerator should we open it now?

Merdan: It is food required specifically for this sport, mostly protein diet (chicken meat, beef, fish and eggs), large quantities of vegetables which importance I couldn’t stress enough for someone who works out actively. There are all kinds of fruit as well.

What consists your diet; could you share some details for the program you are using?

Merdan: I eat 7 times a day. Most of the meals contain meat and vegetable salads. I have one meal containing fruit. Also, input of large quantities of water in between meals is one of the most important details of the diet regarding this sport.

Who has the biggest influence on you when it comes to fitness?

Merdan: Since I started to do fitness more professionally I have big support from my family, but the biggest influence comes from my personal trainer Tomica Milusevski. He is the one I hold most responsible for what I have accomplished so far.


Which part of your body are you most satisfied with and which part of the body is the first one you see at the opposite sex?

Merdan: To maintain a perfect body in this sport you need to devote enough attention to each muscle group. I do this sport professionally and I pay attention to details when working out and I try to be as comprehensive as possible. At the moment I am satisfied from my body overall. When we are speaking about the opposite sex, I consider that a good body should show well defined core muscles and stomach.


AHF: Which types of cardio exercises do you do and why?

Merdan: I would say that fast walking on the treadmill is my first choice. It’s pretty efficient for fat loss.

Which types of nutritive supplements do you use most often?

Merdan: It’s mainly Whey Protein. I try to input a higher quantity of protein in the organism and the Whey Protein helps me complete the daily dosage of needed protein quantity for a good workout and an active day.


AHF: Which type of food do you usually use before and after training?

Merdan: Most important for me is that both of the meals are meat based. The only difference would be that before the training I increase the quantity of hydrates (rise, potato, peas), and after the training I increase the dosage of proteins, because a worked out muscle needs protein food (eggs, meat, salad)

How do you deal with fast food cravings, sweet and salty food?

Merdan: I do have tough periods when the body wants food which is not recommended for someone who works out properly and disciplined. I allow one day per month when I indulge myself into eating anything I want.


AHF: What are your 3 top workouts and why?

Merdan: Stomach, stomach and stomach. I can freely say that most important for me are the core muscles. It is very important for a fitness model to have toned stomach muscles as they make or break an appearance. After that, without any special order come for me the other exercises.


AHF: What would you suggest to the readers which want a flat and toned stomach? How much time, working out and balanced food is enough to get into good shape?

Merdan: For those who want to have a top form, I would recommend first of all to be psychically ready for this regime. To achieve this kind of form takes a lot of discipline, regular trainings, maximum attention on food and last but not least proper workout. I would definitely recommend having a personal trainer on your side, someone who would advise you and help you for any exercise, if you want really good results.

If you could share one advise that really helped you to come to the level that you are, what would it be?

Merdan: Above all is the love of this sport. After that, come the discipline, trainings, diet and absolutely proper workout. All of this factors combined together will give the best result.

Which are your top 5 advices for fat loss and gaining that much wanted six pack?

Merdan: I can say that the stomach muscles are the ones that require the highest level of discipline. They are very hard to get and very easy to lose. To maintain them in good shape, a drastic decrease or if possible zero input of sugar, all kinds of baked goods and carbonated drinks is required. You should keep track of the number of calories you input with each meal and all of this should be repeated on daily basis. Keep this going and the results will be inevitable.

What is your workout routine (program)?

Merdan: I work out 5 times a week. Each training is a single muscle group. The trainings usually last around 90 minutes. I have 2 days rest per week. The rest period is equally important as the training itself.

What is your favorite healthy food?

Merdan: Well I guess I got used to eating healthy so everything is tasty for me at this point, but I could probably say that boiled fish is one of my favorites, followed by protein pancakes with banana and almonds.

How do you stay motivated?

Merdan: The motivation comes from within. Each training is tougher than the previous, with each training I learn something new, I genuinely have love for this sport, so my motivation is always at high levels.

What did you have to sacrifice to achieve your form?

Merdan: With the love of the sport came the success. I decided to be maximum disciplined, to make this sport a way of living, to read and learn every day, new advices, new exercises for this sport. When you combine all of these, you get the long expected results. There is still a lot of work ahead of me, a lot to learn, and I hope that I will have even greater results because everything I do, I do with great love and respect towards this sport.


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Getting into shape is one thing, keeping it is a whole different thing. It requires a set of discipline,  love, motivation and few other tricks that our guest Merdan will share from his experience. Amazing HealthyFood (AHF): Tell us something about you and your background. Merdan: My name is Merdan and...